In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful...Assalamualaikum and hi there! Have a nice reading-blog today~ Hope you enjoy your stay, dear:D.. making-sweetness
A little bit from me!~
Hey you! This blog has been written in english fully but still having the gramatical erorrs( a bucket of them you know!), need to improve it! That's why i'm writting this in english!ok dearest!~
May Allah bless ya always and forever!

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Written at Wednesday, November 9, 2011 | can you give your words?

Assalamualaikum . Peace be upon you . :D
Well haloo there guys ! Yobseyo ~ (hehe..korean style)
It seem like being a long time I never updating my own blog ,
and THIS IS IT !

Hoho . I am having 9-months-holidays. (atcually they are 11 months, the other 2 I need to be a teacher at SK Hilal as Ust Yazid asked to do so) WOW ! well as you wanna know I had passing mine! (STAM on 12th Oct 2011 - 19th Oct 2011, fuhhhh ! It wasn't too easy or hard , just hoping Him to give the B.E.S.T. for me and friends, thanks ALLAH :D ) Can you believe it ? Ninnneee monthss ?? OMG ! I can do anything that I want ! Hehe . Taking driving license , cooking , handmade craft , reading books , blogging and blablabla ... ( I can't take it anymore ) Can you imagine this 9 months can be shorted just only 9 days ? For me , I believe . Ever there was 30 days per month , times with 9 equals to 280 days , but we can't manage this 280 days as well , so it would be shorter than ever we thought !

"Those who makes the worst use if time are the first to complain of its shortness "

People were people and they were always doing mistakes in their life , I believed that I was the one of them . I made a vow to convince a cunning plan for using the precious wisely . And we knew it was never simple and easy to this uphill but the only thing that would make this work out, it is only ourselves . If we said YES , and it would be working out . But if we said NO , nothing would change .

Allah said in His Holy ,
"...Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves...."
Ar-Ra'd : 11

Make a single vow and say YES . I knew we can do it together . Right guys ? :D
SMILE always .