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Written at Sunday, July 10, 2011 | can you give your words?

OMG ! i'm not lalala mode now !!!! FYI next week I have to face the really big day ! ARGGGHHH ! I wanna yell to the world ! So creepy ! Feeling not so well as my teeth had problem , I met dentists for 3 times and 3 different dentists, not the same okee ! Before I met those dentists , I heard stories from my fellows , they said , removal tooth didn't hurt so much . Just for a minute ~ So it made me soo confident to meet them ~ ( anyway I love to meet dentist because I almostly dreamed to be dentist one day , but now naaa)

For the first on last Tuesday, 28th June , I met goverment's dentist and she ( soo polite in her talks to me ^^ ) gave me anaesthetics 2times for not feel the hurt of removal tooth, it was hurt and pain until my tears rolled down my cheeks but she didn't removed mine permently , still having the root .After that , ARGGHHHH !!! It was hurting for a week ! ( couldn't be mentioned how hurt did I feel , try it if you wanna know it :D)As you want to know, I ate the paracetamol and sleep , ate it again and sleep again , and so on .
I couldn't do anything even reads books !making-sweetnessTime-wasting so much !

For the second , I decided to meet non-goverment's dentist snd he ( quite young, not married yet maybe and handsome..^^ haha ), as usually he must gave me the same injectionmaking-sweetness as the first dentist did so and had permently removed it and I was glad ! The day after that , I woke up and my left hand touched my left cheek ,
WAARGGGHHHH !!!!! (second yelling , nope maybe three ! ^^) My left cheek swollen ! OMG , what was really happen to me ?! I felt soo ashamed to go the class . I could imagined that every people around will be asking the same question, many questions had been asking to me .

"What's wrong with your cheek ?" ,

"Are you eating something, Aliya ? Sweets?" ,

" That's the regret for you of talking to mucch" ,

even a little girl named Suadmaking-sweetness
"Kak liya , are the rambutans is in your mouth ? "

Ayooi . My face had been blashing pink in colour naturally . All feelings that I felt , angry , mad , ashamed , covered up myself from not been noticed by them . Iffah had a enourmous laugh at me with her kekeke voice . ( she never noticed that people would laugh along with her because of her kekeke ) I waited until tomorrow . I met the goverment's dentist again ( but not the same person okey ?) ,I made this decision because I spent RM130 for my tooth before to the non-goverment even they did a really good job . Soo I didn't have any money to pay the cost for the next . She ( the dentist , wearing hijab the last year purple colour as maria elena said so, seem like she was not too friendly ) had cleaned up my mouth , and I thought that I will not be given anaesthetic again , you know it was hurt . But my expectation was wrong ! Pained again . My tears didn't rolling down because I sicked of it ! ( 6 times you know ! equals for the first met until the last with them ) Lastly , she said ,

" You need to come here this Friday , I need to x-ray you teeth " ,

WHAT'S ON EARTH ???? I need to meet them again !? Oh nnoooo ! I say I don't want !!!
( heart-talks , the dentist didn't hear it anyway, i was just making sooo excited.. haha )
And Aliya Roseli Dol aka A.R.D. decided to


And Alhamdullilah my cheek became better after all , I feel grateful to Him , He's the one who makes all these pain , cheek swollen , and healing . Thanks Allah ! That's how my tooth's story life . Sweet and Sour . (^_^)

making-sweetnessPssttt.... I missed the smell of medicines and clinics. Feeling refresh and clean . hehe .making-sweetness