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Written at Wednesday, June 16, 2010 | can you give your words?

Yesterday was the day of grownup me. Unbelieveable. 18-to-be,but now 18-am-be. At last, I stepped my feet at KTD for many times I said, I wanna go there and meet my friends, heart- talk. They always asked me, when are you going to visit us here?...Yesterday, you said that you wanna come here but you didn’t. We had been waiting for you. What a sad! Sorry guys. I never meant to do those things to you.

I wanna to go there and I really wanted to share you everything that I got in MATRI. I really meant it. Never mind because yesterday was the day. My brother sent me to and when I arrived, I called Syuhada, asked her to fetch me. When she saw me and I saw her, we both were on the top of the world. We amazed when met each other.She said sorry because she didn’t bring my birthday present here, she forgot it. Never mind, it wasn’t too important for me, at least I could meet you. Quickly I entered into the KTD’s hall. I went to library, met Izzah Athirah and Sobiroh. I called her. Izzah shocked and she couldn’t believe that I came to KTD. She quiet excited and shaking my hand harshly, seem that she really love to see me. Sobiroh went out to call the others. Then, Safiyyah came and then Subaihah, and next Nasuha and Aniqah. Who would be next? I couldn’t remember…hehehe… There were too many of them.

I brought a chocolate cake. I baked it by myself. This hands really tired of doing that cake because I did’t have any electrical machines to spin the flour, butter, custard sugar and blablabla… So, I used plastic ‘senduk’ and a lot of energy used on making the cake until I said to my mom, Mom, can’t I continue baking this cake tomorrow? I tired and feeling sleepy. She laughed at me. She adviced me to zap this baking tonight. I tried to finish it tonight. I made it. Spending the precious time with them really meaningful.

Mushi, Safiyyah, Fatin Husna, Izzah, Aniqah, Iman, Syuhada, Fatin Nabila, Salimah, Siti, Subaihah, Nasuha, Sobiroh, Amanda, Shakirah, Naiematun…

Sorry if I didn’t mention the other names but it didn’t mean that I forgot about you…

Missing you all the time, at last it had been banish for awhile. Even I didn’t get any birthday present from them but as I met you at KTD was my the MOST WORTHFUL birthday present I hadn’t had. My wish was I wanna be with my friends, talking with them,even spending short time with them, I really appreciated that. Thanks girls,and I love you. I really loved to say that….

I had a best day with you on that day…

If I have a free time again, I will visit you one day..Be strong at there, I know that you can do it..Facing the problem is the one of usual things in our daily life, if you didn’t have one, so we called it’s crazy or you are crazy…hahaha..Allah is always on your side. He won’t left you alone, believe me.
Lastly,truly I say, you’re always bear in my mind…