In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful...Assalamualaikum and hi there! Have a nice reading-blog today~ Hope you enjoy your stay, dear:D.. making-sweetness
A little bit from me!~
Hey you! This blog has been written in english fully but still having the gramatical erorrs( a bucket of them you know!), need to improve it! That's why i'm writting this in english!ok dearest!~
May Allah bless ya always and forever!

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Better days by D-Clique
Written at Monday, March 1, 2010 | can you give your words?

D-Clique - Better Days
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In the name of Allah
The most beneficent
The most merciful
The most deserving of all praise
I pray for better days

Shallow breaths are all I take
And you can't help me it's too late
Cries for help heard around the world
If I could help I swear I would

And I, I pray for better days
Tomorrow will find its way
Through the stormy weather
And now, I walk a lonely road
No one standing by my side
No one to hold

(Verse 1 Jawad)
A shallow breath is all I take
Trying to keep my mind off the hardships
I put my faith in God while I’m falling
And everyday I see the struggle
But in my dreams I can see a day
Where we can't heal without each other
You don't have to live in fear
You don't have to cry
Here’s the day I pray you'll heal
So don't say goodbye
And as we age we fade
Together lost, I’m a slave
Praying for better days
They took the life that I used to live
The innocent faces on all my kids
With thoughts so pure I can't forget
All the pain and loneliness
Lord knows I try
Holding back these tears and all my cries
I know my voice is heard
But no one seems to understand a word


(Verse 2 Akbar)
A shallow breath is all I’m taking, looking for that exit
Hopeless dreams, helpless seems, belief that God is present
Fighting for that blessing while also stuck in adolescence
Live and learn from this lesson as we're guided by that message
Now I’m lost in that land where a man becomes a sinner
A place where screams and shouts I heard is nothing but whispers
So listen to the angels as they whisper in your ears
They claim to help us here, the final day will appear
Now we must pray for that day and we must fight for that light
All this blood sacrifice will be dried overnight
And in your eyes I see the angels in the skies
Looking to reside in the heavens of the night
Oh Lord can you hear me, listen to me clearly
Guide me to the light of the seven heavens above
Could you steer me? I’m trying to change my ways
Seen too many tears in my time, now I’m praying for these better days


Shallow breaths are all I take
And you can't help me it's too late
Cries for help heard around the world
If I could help I swear I would
I put my faith in God
The one I trust, the one I call
Ya Rab
Ya Rab

Ya Rabi
I don't need no one else
My one and only
The only one I call
When all hope is gone